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Company Disclosure

Huntress Inc is solely owned and operated by Crux Huntress and Calliope Littlepaws, as well as Huntressbreedables Resident. Crux runs the daily operations of the Huntress brand and business. Calliope handles decor, marketing, advertising and overall costumer satisfaction. Huntressbreedables is the business alt and can assist you as well. If there are any comments, concerns or questions about the Huntress Inc brand, website or social media please contact the Huntress Inc owners for assistance.

 You may see additional owners in the Huntress Inc group. For clarification purposes only, they are close friends to the Huntress owners but, at this time, have no business responsibilities or capabilities to aid you concerning the Huntress sims and or brand at this time.

 This notification is subject to change at the discretion of Crux and Calliope Huntress.

Welcome Huntress Inc.

Huntress Inc. has been in business since 2009 having been founded by CruX ,Faye and Maji. We are a family friendly business and the owners have been in the Breedable community for over 10 years. We started as breeders and moved on to become business owners with all the tools that have been handed down to us through out the years. This region has many faces for all second lifer’s to explore. Our Sims are home to many businesses ranging from children’s to adult as well as many Breedables.

Our mission is to provide a place where everyone feels welcome and safe. Our belief is there is a Breedable for every breeder and a breeder for every Breedable. We participate in many hunts and charities and use our business platform to help as many as we can. QUALITY SERVICE is the secret recipe to our longevity.

Three charities that stand out to the owners of Huntress Inc. are Relay For Life, Doctors Without Borders and Toys For Tots. 

Relay For Life supports the ACS which then helps provide financial support for cancer research and to those directly affected by cancer. CruX battled cancer and herself has benefited from the kindness of the ACS which without the Relay For Life and donations of others could not exist.

Doctors Without Borders is a cause near to Crux’s heart for a very personal reason, as she is touched by the knowledge that they bring medicine and care to those who would otherwise never gain access. Coming from a third-world country herself, she is happy to do everything she can to ensure others have the same opportunities she did.

Toys For Tots is a U.S. charity that is run by the United States Marines. They provide toys and books for children who otherwise would not get gifts for the holidays. Calliope has herself or rather her child has benefited from this program when she was a single mom and unable to afford gifts. Without a program like this many many families would be unable to give their kids anything for the holidays.

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